REDSN0W 0.9.15B1 FREE DOWNLOADEarlier in the world were two rival telephone companies – Nokia and Siemens. Now the world is divided not into the company, but rather on the operating system for phones. iOS and android are two world leaders in the mobile business. Who chooses the android and says that the android is better, who chooses the iPhone says that he is faster and more reliable. Many people say that the advantage of the android is in the greater availability of content, when on the iPhone there are a lot of paid services and applications.
However, it is possible to make content for apple as accessible as it is on android. Jailbreak is an operation, which allows access to the file system device iPhone, iPod or iPad. This allows you to expand the capabilities of the device. Many carry out this operation with the help of REDSN0W.
You can download REDSN0W 0.9.15B1 and to upgrade your device for free!