All these variants of the MS remote will work out of the box with Kodi Live, though with a standard Linux install you’ll need to install and configure Lirc. I have the same question 3. Holding Alt on the keyboard and pressing Power button on the remote does send “sleep” command to Kodi. This is the windows driver that is also listening the commands for windows. Update November 6, If you want to add mappings for these keys here are the entries you need in keyboard. Power button is captured through a different interface.

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Genuine Original MEDION OR24E RF MCE Remote Control

Did this solve your problem? This remote works rf mce remote control or24e of the box on a vanilla install of Ubuntu The supplied infra-red usb receiver only works with Vista, Windows 7 and Linux.

If you want to rf mce remote control or24e mappings for the four colored keys and the four keys below them here are the entries you need in keyboard. Philips have produced a contrrol of remotes in this range designed remot different sales regions each with different features. Most of the remotes emulate multimedia keyboards or send Windows Media Center keyboard shortcuts like ctrl-shift-P for Play.

Log ckntrol or Sign up to hide all adverts. What operating systems and versions of Kodi have you tested on Does the remote send keystrokes or is it MS compatible? Some additional info regarding the red power button of this remote:. To configure these buttons add the following to the.

MEDION – Driver Download

There have been various problems reported with using this device on XP. The left press causes rwmote video to jump back 30 seconds. Although, this prevents the computer from shutting down, the key still doesn’t make it into Kodi. The top left Internet Explorer key can’t be trapped through keyboard.

In other cases, it was not recognized as a Microsoft eHome device a patch from HP may be requiredbut as a Rf mce remote control or24e eHome device after getting the hacked Fintek driver. Pages with syntax highlighting errors Remotes. Right Click on the device and select properties. In this scenario I will suggest you to completely uninstall the driver for contrrol remote from device manager and install the latest version from the link below that is released for Rf mce remote control or24e 7 as this seems to be the only option left out here.

Here is the file that describes all the buttons except the mouse keys on the VRC remote. These changes go in your keyboard.

If you want to add mappings for these keys here are the entries you need in keyboard. January 26, Messages: It is auto-detected as a keyboard and mouse. Care to support our work with a few bucks? December 6, 4. Place this file into the following location:.

It’s certified for Windows 7 32bit or 64bit.


XBMC has all the required keyboard mappings for these remotes so they should work out of the box. Select device manager from the Control Panel list.

There are some additional buttons not on the official MS remote.

This is the windows driver that is also listening the commands for windows. Please rf mce remote control or24e here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. The article groups the Microsoft compatible also known as rf mce remote control or24e or RC6 remotes together first, as these are most configurable when you’re using them with XBMC.

Maplin UK also sell an own-brand mcr control product code N18HC that seems to be identical, and it is also sold as Hama There is no way round this without using some helper app like Eventghost, but the Info action could be mapped to one of the other buttons.

August 30, Messages: I decided that rather than reisatll Vista which was an upgrade, I’d start again with Win7HP and a new larger hard drive as the original was full.