Polarity of the digital inputs. Inquiry whether the output ports address is available. Functions of the special function. Software – number of the operating system. Velocity 2 reference run.

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In the next two chapters, you will find an overview of all system parameters, first sorted by parameter number and then alphabetically according to their identifier.

Kind of reference run algorithm. Baud rate and mode of the 1. Number of the axis affected by the error. Number of the parameter which caused the error.

Sysfec reduction to systec usb can axis during standstill. Company Features No features listed. Offset for analog output voltage. Fill level of the online FIFO.

Analog input of the Y axis joystick. Coordinate system for trajectory control.

Free memory systec usb can the FIFO. Position counter mode ring mode. Present G-code line number. Selection of the command interface.

Do you have a product idea where this caan could fit, yet still has some extra features missing?

SYSTEC Modules

Analog input of the override-poti. Configure the USB interface. Analog input 2 option. Scaling of the spindle revolutions. That document and further information material and software you will find on our cn page. Define the gantry system. Scaling of the spindle revolution. Define the gantry axes. Set CAN systec usb can rate channel 1.

Shift of the zero point. Determines the output for the brake approach.


The underlaying Linux operating system on the CAN-Ethernet Gateway enables the user to execute own user programs and interact with the gateway firmware in response to certain events. Analog input 1 systec usb can.

Present position of the handwheel. Delay between switching on the run current and the start of systec usb can motor. Year of the internal calendar clock function. Device configuration is supported via Ethernet or USB. Write over the present velocity. Uxb of the filter type for an analog input.

Size of the online FIFO. Distance between the zero point of the machine and the reference point.