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JINITIATOR DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS 7Oracle Corporation – is an American corporation, the world’s largest developer of software for organizations, a major supplier of server hardware. The company specializes in the production of database management systems, middleware and business applications. The company was founded in 1977. It has subsidiaries in more than 145 countries.

Jinitiator for Windows 7 Download

One of the company’s product lines is JINITIATOR. Jinitiator – version of the JVM made and distributed by Oracle Corporation. It allows to the client application Oracle Forts work in a web browser. The main reason for Oracle to develop Jinitiator was to support the work of Oracle Forms on the web in earlier versions, due to a bug in earlier versions of JDK.

Jinitiator for Windows 7 Update

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ORACLE JINITIATOR FREE DOWNLOADJinitiator is a Java Virtual Machine version developed and distributed by Oracle Corporation company. It allows working in a web browser that supports web Oracle Forms application. This Java Virtual Machine is opened only in those cases when was an attempt to connect to the web Oracle Application. This chain reaction in the web-browser can be controlled by a specific plugin or ActiveX control element, depending on the browser. The first two numbers from the Jinitiator version are based on the JVM used in its development; it means that Jinitiator is based on JVM 1.1.

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Oracle Jinitiator Update


ORACLE JINITIATOR DOWNLOADOracle Jinitiator is a Java Virtual Machine and with its help you can check out it the correct version of Java works on your desktop.

Oracle Jinitiator represents an outlet mechanism that enables Oracle Forms applications to be run with the help of a web browser. Jinitiator supplies a big number of additional features over Java Plug-in. Moreover, you can perform Jar file caching or applet caching with its help. Oracle Jinitiator works on Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and 8. Users that are using Oracle Jinitiator rated it of 4 and 5 stars. Oracle Jinitiator can be downloaded absolutely for free and it will work without any problems.

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