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The Book of Enoch

The first book of Enoch is one of the most significant apocrypha of the Old Testament. This book is referred to by the apostle Judas in his epistle. The text is mentioned in ancient writers – Tertullian, Origen and others. However, the text itself was unknown in Europe until the 18th century, when it was found in the Ethiopian Bible, where it enters the canon.Since then, the text has been repeatedly translated into various languages ​​and reprinted. In addition to this text, also called the First Book of Enoch or the Ethiopian Book of Enoch, there are also the Second Book of Enoch (“The Slavic Book” or “The Book of Secrets”) and the Third Book of Enoch (“The Book of Heavenly Palaces”).Enoch’s book was the third most popular book of the Bible among the Qumran manuscripts, and it is represented by 25 scrolls. The content tells that 200 angels landed on Mount Hermon, took themselves wives of earthly women and wove monsters and magicians, after which the Earth was flooded with sinners and was subjected to the Flood. In the canonical book of Genesis, these beings are called the sons of God