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There was a time when they believed in witches, they hunted for witches, and all those who were involved in witchcraft were killed. One of the most famous in this respect was the lawsuit that took place at the end of the XVII century in a small town in Massachusetts. It was the events that took place in Salem that formed the basis of “The Crucible”.

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The play of Arthur Miller “The Crucible” was written in 1953, was repeatedly staged in theaters of many countries in the world, was filmed in 1996.

One of the plot lines of the play shows the development of the process in Salem and the tragedy of women who cannot prove their own innocence because of the absurdity of the accusations brought against them.

Another line is a story about the trial, which was organized by Senator Joseph McCarthy against persons engaged in anti-American activities, although it was unclear what was meant. The process of the first half of the fifties was much like the process of the end of the 17th century: just as ridiculous accusations, equally unproven cases, equally unhappy people who do not understand what is happening and how to deal with it.

Arthur Miller participated in the trial as a defendant, many details were written off “from nature”, which gave the play special credibility, and as a result, it was declared anti-American right after the publication and condemned as irrelevant. Nevertheless, history has proved the opposite: it is a powerful work, touching the reader and the viewer, about stupidity and meanness, betrayals and despair, when a state machine is launched against a person. Arthur Miller is the author of the concept of “witch hunt” as a designation of a process fabricated against a person, unproven, and therefore deadly dangerous.