The Islamic Antichrist – PDF file download

The Islamic Antichrist by Joel Richardson

The Bible predicts that in the most recent days a charming leader will build up a worldwide following for the sake of peace. Islamic prescience likewise predicts that a man will ascend to lead the countries, vowing to introduce a period of peace. Islam’s friend in need is known as the Mahdi. Be that as it may, the man in the Bible is the Antichrist. Joel Richardson’s shocking examination and investigation recommend that the Mahdi and the Antichrist may really be one and the same. In “The Islamic Antichrist,” Richardson opens Western perusers to the conventions of Islam and predicts that the final days may not be far away. Richardson’s disclosures will daze perusers who are uninformed of the similitudes between the Antichrist and Islam’s assumptions about a returning Jesus. His clarification of the connection between Christian end-time prediction and Islamic desires of global control has stunned perusers and reformed eschatological desires for an age. The Islamic Antichrist is the book to peruse for experiences on the world’s quickest developing religion and the eventual fate of the world.