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“The Odyssey” refers to the genre of epic poetry. Creation of an outstanding ancient Greek poet. It has more than 12 thousand poems. Philologists of Alexandria, several centuries before the beginning of a new era, divided it into 24 books, according to the number of letters of the Greek alphabet. Thus, the ancient book was a fragment of up to 1000 lines, which were placed on a single roll of papyrus. The poem describes the return of Tsar Odysseus home after the Trojan War. With his wisdom and cunning, the King conquered the Troy. The returning was very difficult and challenging. His wife and son tried to be convinced by King’s enemies┬áthat he was dead, but the king’s wife was intelligent as her husban, and did not believe to anyone. The poem reflects not only the real journey of the protagonist in space, as his movement within his soul, and the solution of various ethical and moral tasks by him.

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  1. Great poem, of great ancient philosphier Gomer. I have read it for several times and like it very much.

  2. This work is an undoubted cultural monument. Every educated person should know this poem. Despite the fact that the work was written hundreds of years ago, it is interesting to read it today

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