This latest version has certain added features that make it exciting for users. For instance, there are easy options to backup registry before you run a repair procedure. The Windows Startup listing can also be managed by this file. The program is also handy for those who wish to access different Windows applications. The program helps users to access different applications easily and in a short time. The program also allows one to identify and open up song files quickly. The program comes in handy for those trying to make changes in the boot sequence. When you are looking to make changes in the system configuration process, you can download this tool and test as well as compare the effects.


This updated version allows one to invite their friends on Facebook to download the app for free. It will definitely make life easier to back up a registry before it is repaired or to manage the items that show up in the Windows Startup list.


When you are trying to access images on other drives through this tool, it might not show results beyond C drive. The animated GIFs are a fun feature, but it is merely an accessory feature that is not essential to its functions.