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Tuesdays with Morrie

“Tuesdays with Morrie”- a documentary book written in 1997 by American writer Mitch Albom. This book is something like a benefit to life. If you feel that nothing pleases you, and mired in a bad mood, then this is the outstretched hand of life that will pull you out of the abyss. It’s written easily and reads quickly, so you want to reread it over and over again, taking out more and more useful and taking small tips into your life. Tuesday with Morry is a textbook for those who want a sip of life, looking for a meaning in it and not finding it falls into apathy. The book describes the real history of Morrie Schwartz, a professor of sociology, and his relationship with his student, Mitch Albom. The book chronicles the lessons about life that Mitch receives from his teacher, dying of a serious illness. Weekly – on Tuesdays the student comes to visit Morrie and they talk on different topics such as death, struggle and humility; love, family, friends and fellowship; revealing the meaning and essence of all this in a person’s life.