UnlockIMAGE03WildTangent is game network that has a catalog of more than 1000 games from nearly 100 developers.
In order to play a game without using a WildCoins, you need to unlock it. Every time you download a game and and install it, the game is the state called “locked”. In order to unlock it you need a special code. You can unlock a game on up to 4 games, and if the computer sends you an error message, that means that either the code is invalid, or it has been used already 4 times.
The unlock process is very simple. You just need to open the game through WildTangent Games App. Next, you click on “Use Unlock Code” and insert it. Now you are ready to play the game.
Do not hesitate do DOWNLOAD the Unlock Code for WildTangent Games for free on the link below.