Dolphin_emulator_by_harrybana-d4s0io3Dolphin was an experimental project released in 2003, that could boot up and run commercial games for Nintendo GameCube. After the authors released a final version of Dolphin in 2004, the project was closed and resurrected in 2005 and 2007 with minor improvements. Until our-days the emulator is a very useful program for those who want to play Nintendo GameCube and Wii games on PC. Dolphin works on all major operating systems like Windows and OS X.
In case that you are trying to launch the emulator, but the computer shows you the message: “vcomp100.dll not found”, the first thing you need to do, is to download the file. Afterwards, you copy the file to the folder where you have installed Dolphin, and reboot your computer. Now the emulator must work properly.
DOWNLOAD the vcomp100.dll file for free from the link below.