VIRTUALDUBMOD CORONA.DLLVIRTUALDUB is a popular program for video editing simple. With its help, for example, you can re-encode the video, cut and glue frames, apply filters and so on. VirtualDubMOD – it is a bit reworked version of the original VirtualDub. It is based on the structural and functional basis of the original, but with a lot of useful add-ons, making it a full replacement for VirtualDub. The program is very useful for any user in order to convert a video.
However, very often the problem began to appear on this program while it works on the operating system Windows 7. When program is opened the error is displayed: Ā«file CORONA.DLL is missingĀ».
To solve this problem you will only have to install the necessary file in the system folder. This file you can download from the link below for free. It is a quick and easy solution for an annoying problem.