VIVA PINATA PC DOWNLOAD FREEEveryone watched American movies. They very often show scenes of children’s birthday parties, where behind the house is arranged a holiday for the originator of the event and his friends. One of the most fun events is breaking piñatas. Piñatas – a festively painted toys, stuffed with sweets. For the child with a blindfold give up a stick and he must break this toy, then from it will drop out candies. This is age-old tradition still holding from the time of the ancient Aztecs.
Thus was created VIVA PINATA which was released in 2006 by X-BOX and in 2007 on the PC. The essence of the game is to grow these piñata on your farm, attract more and more new types of piñata. The names of piñata similar to the real, but slightly modified to more comic and fabulous effect.
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