This is a freeware that comes in handy when you wish to analyze and open up a program that has crashed. This program can analyze as well as gather data from a minidump. The program can save the name of a window that is currently active. The software comes in handy when you wish to download records as well as benchmark ideas from applications like DirectX and OpenGL in real time format. There are minimal alarms and notifications of the program so that it quietly sits in your system program list till it is required. The application is simple and takes up minimal disk space. The package is simple and easy to figure out which is great even for first time users.


This program comes in a handy package without complicated instructions or modes. That makes it easy to install and operate. There are handy features included in this program that allows one to maximize use of the same in a secure manner.


There is a Read Me file that is supplied with the program. However, there are no helpful instructions on the same. Hence, it is upon the user to download the program and follow the standard steps to install and start to use it.