When you download Windows 8 product key you need to provide certain security measures. This is a new feature that was not made part of previous Windows key software. The new feature includes a BIOS system in the product keys of Windows 8 PCs. In the previous versions the product key was displayed as a sticker on the computers. With Windows 8 however, the key is provided in a BIOS system. This has definitely increased the security measure, but also provides certain challenges. The computers located with Windows 8 do not have a certificate of Authenticity like the previous versions. The advantage of the BIOS system is that one can reset and reinstall the operating system and the product key will get activated automatically.


The BIOS system of the new Windows 8 product key mechanism does not need users to save the product key or write it down from their computer sticker, being afraid that they will lose it. This system allows the key to be automatically activated and re applied every time a licensed user reinstalls the operating system in their computer.


You might not be familiar with the BIOS system and might worry that the certificate of authenticity is not provided with your Windows 8 computer.