downloadePSXe is a PlayStation emulator that works with Windows, Linux and Android. In 2000 ePSXe was a real revolution in the PSX emulation scene. New versions of this applications have been released constantly every year. The newest version has several changes like: updated internal SPU plugin or more cheat code support, etc. In case that your have installed ePSXe and when you try to launch it, the computer shows you a message that Wnapsi32.dll is missing, the easiest way to solve the problem is to download the file. Afterwards you must copy the file to the folder where you have installed the emulator. It would be great if you will reboot the computer after you copy the file. If you follow these simple tips, your ePSXe emulator should work without any errors.
DOWNLOAD for free the Wnapsi32.dll file from the link below.