V.I.C._WobbleVictor Grimmy Owusu is an American rapper from Atlanta, well-known by his stage name V.I.C.. The Owusu’s debut album called “Beast”, was released in 2008 and peaked the seventh position on US Rap charts. Only in the first week, the album sold more than 8,000 copies.
“Wobble” is the second single from the debut album. The song was produced by Mr. Collipark and was released in several versions: main one, instrumental and acapella.
V.I.C. is going to release his second album “Revenge of the Beast” in 2014, I would like to remark that critics are very intrigued about the album.
We are all waiting for the new album, but if you didn’t listen to any of V.I.C.’s songs you can DOWNLOAD “Wobble” absolutely for free right away!