If you are wondering what this updated software offers, it will definitely help you figure out the Xforce features even better. The program comes with a toolbar feature. This allows access to major functions of the tool which includes editing, adding and deletion of entries. The keygen is also capable of predicting next hand base. The software can help predict the next hand base as per player inputs. The simulator option is clever and the controls provided with the software are straightforward. If you wish to manage backups, this software comes in handy. If you wish to fully use the features of this tool you need to have a certain amount of system administration prowess. Race schedules and lane statistics as well as information about racers, awards and results are all easy to know with this software.


This keygen will certainly make your life easier if you are an avid racer on the program. It helps to compile race schedules, details of other racers and lane statistics. The simulator program offers a comprehensive framework for one to understand what it would take to win on the program.


There is no Help file provided which is a lacking of the program. Some users also face interface issues.