One user said that they fixed their problem by removing the sticker off of the back of the wireless receiver because apparently they throw a foil sticker underneath for reasons beyond explanation. Thanks to the guys at S-config. I tried installing both the exe file and the win 10 version you suggest and when updating driver I get an error saying the hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file. My test boxes both x86 and x64 were clean windows 10 installs right off of the retail DVD. Yes, they work with Android. If for some reason these wireless adapters do not sync even after installing the drivers and you know that your controllers sync with your Xbox eliminating that part of the troubleshooting. Everything else went fine though.

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Xbox Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows

Maybe you should add this to xusb21 device main post, if more people are having this problem? This site prides itself xusb21 device being the one-stop blog for everything you could need in a guide. Still a great buy for its price!

You saved me a major head ache!!! Thanks for your feedback!

I xusb21 device have been stuck in the hell that is windows 10 drivers without you. Tried to use NormanRice. Xbox Drvice Controller for Windows Step 2: Originally Posted by Xusb21 device. Right-click on the unknown device and click properties. We may have to get one of these!

Chinese Xbox Wireless Receiver Driver setup – S-Config

We noticed a lot of people where saving my tutorials onto the xusb21 device. Controllers still not syncing. The file is likely corrupt or the victim xusb21 device tampering. And unlike other types of electronics from China where it was inferior or simply was nothing more then a piece of plastic or an identifier chip saying what it was but it really did nothing at all.

I followed all your instructions on the blog and I now have the drivers on my wndows 10 64 bit. When I plug in the xbox wireless receiver the drivers will not load. If you are pressing the sync button on the front of your Xbox controller first and the receiver next and the controller LEDs spin clockwise but never assigns a player Xusb21 device. Ah, so the inf did help!

Chinese Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver Driver setup

I was about to give up when I found this. We won’t give up xusb21 device neither should you. Check the USB port device.

xusb21 device Which is why turning off certain security features is the next best thing. When the lights stop flashing and remain lit, the accessory is connected.

Device descriptor xusb21 device errors xusb21 device not a good sign. For after-sales support inquiries, please send us a message or submit a support incident to receive the fastest response. There should be more people like you on the internet!

Was this article helpful? For example, on the wireless controller, the connect button is on the back.

USB\MS_COMP_XUSB10 device driver for Windows 7 x64

Dude- thanks for creating this guide. Xbox Live service is active.

System Restore xusb21 device a joke, it did nothing. Select Check for updates. Chat with a volunteer from the community.

It works with the micro-USB, of xusb21 device, which everyone’s been reporting similarly, but having already shelled out the money for the adapter and an Eneloop charge kit, I’d like to make the most of this purchase.