This driver tool offers several convenient features that you will experience once you download this handy software. For instance, there are several sections which showcase entertainment of different categories. There is a handy Effects tab feature as well. This allows you to try effects like Distortions, Filters, Borders, Backgrounds, Objects, Overlays, Face Accessories, Emoticons and others. The driver also allows grouping to be done easily of images that you download. There is an advanced mode that professional users will find handy to use. For those who wish to use simple features, the basic interface will suffice. The software will create a handy desktop organizer which helps to organize items that are frequently used. The program allows easier access to photos on your computer.


Being a free software, you will find several handy features when you download the same. Effects options are numerous that allows one to play around and add on effects as they desire which can help transform images in different ways. Grouping options are varied that also comes of use for organizing images and videos.


The desktop organizer that the software provides creates shortcuts to items that a user uses frequently, but the user might find the functionality and design to be disappointing.