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epsxe_zlib1_errorePSXe is a PlayStation emulator, that runs on Linux and Windows-based computers as well as on Android-based smartphones. The software was released in 2000, and was a revolution in PSX emulation. Compared to other PlayStation emulators, ePSXe encouraged a better compatibility and performance.
Like any other program, from time to time ePSXe might send you an error message. A common issue is missing Zlib1.dll file, which is an important part of the emulator. In this case the very first thing you should do is download a new dll file and replace it with the corrupted one in the main ePSXe directory. After you reboot the computer you can try to run the emulator once again.
To DOWNLOAD the Zlib1.dll file for free, you just need to press on the button below.