perfectworld-bannerIf you are trying to run the MMORPG game, “Perfect World”, or any other program, and the computer sends you the message:”The file zlibwapi.dll is missing.”, don’t worry because the problem can be solved in no time. The first tip you need to follow is to download the .dll file. You next step, is to copy it to the folder where the game has been installed. If the game/program still doesn’t run, try to copy it to the system32 directory if you have a 32-bit Windows version or to SysWOW64 folder if you are running a 64-bit Windows version.
If the problem still occurs, open the Windows Start menu, select “Run…”, type “CMD” and than press Enter. Afterwards, type “regsvr32 zlibwapi.dll” and Enter once again. Now everything should work fine!
You can DOWNLOAD the zlibwapi.dll file for free on the link right below.