Finish on the heatsink. D Again very good info and thanks ;. View All 6 Photos in Gallery. Your email address will not be published. PCMag reviews products independently , but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.

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Showing comments of 7 comments. In gx, at stock, it started out trailing the pack, but when overclocked the card managed to rocket past the in this case. PCMag reviews products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from zotac gtx 560 links on this page. The frame rates are so high though, that even a much lesser card will be able to run this game at the benchmark settings.

Zotac GeForce GTX 1GB Amp! Review |

Card should be a very nice addition for team green. And the memory clock, original 4, MHz, is now 4, MHz. Great review ED, quite impressed how the card keeps up with the !

How big a difference do these changes make? Not a bad showing at all. The graphics clock, usually tuned to MHz, is now rated at MHz. Take a look at zotac gtx 560 table below to see the high level specifications of this limited edition card. In order to change the voltage zotac gtx 560 this card, I had to scrounge up a version of MSI Zotac gtx 560 that would allow me to change the voltage on the card as the latest non beta version, 2.

These scores are fully untweaked and run at the clock speeds listed. View All 6 Photos. As you can see throwing some horsepower in the form of cores really improves some of the benchmarks listed here. Thermal Paste application and underside of heatsink.

Zotac GTX 560 Ti 448 Limited Edition Video Card

So what is this version of the GTX Ti exactly? In the last picture you can see zotac gtx 560 finish on the copper base of the heatsink. Edition, rather than toward a less-expensive card with no extras and no overclocking.

The card is part zotac gtx 560 the company’s AMP! The main change that’s more than a matter of aesthetics, however, is the lack of a beveled interior edge, which Nvidia claims is to help with airflow in multicard setups. Very nice article and It has turned me back into search mode for my new card in days: You are becoming a regular here in the editorials, and I am enjoying your writings.

Semi glossy is about what I would call it. The card sits in an anti static padded bag and fits well inside the box.

We saw our score in FutureMark’s 3DMark 11 rise from 4, to 4, zotac gtx 560 the Performance preset 1, by zotac gtx 560 from 1, to 1, in the Extreme 1,by-1, preset. Flipping grx over the box continues to talk about the features of the product inside. Finish on the heatsink. And it will allow for quad SLI?

Get Our Best Stories! Click here to reply to the discussion. I think thats the ultimate deal for nVidia right now Brotherhood, you’ll get even more for your money than a moderately priced video card zotac gtx 560 to give you juicier performance zotac gtx 560 squeezing your bank account dry. Now this card has filled in that gap with both performance and price. Predator went up one full frame per second fps at grx, by 1, from The bottom picture shows the outputs.